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Hamel Brewing Company

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Where the Heck is Hamel?

Just steps from Plymouth, right off Highway 55 is uptown Hamel, the home of Hamel Brewing Company.  A Taproom and Brewery built from the ground up with you in mind.

Why Hamel?  There’s not a more nostalgic place in the Twin Cities than Hamel.  Hamel was back in the day, before back in the day.

We will be crafting beer on the same land that is still home to some truly hardworking people.  Hamel honors a time when neighbors meant more than who lived on your block, and family time was a way of life…not a scheduled event.

Soon you will be able to relax, and try new beers in a brand new taproom that will make you forget your email and to do lists.

Hamel...once you visit, you will understand why we named the brewery after the city.


22 Hamel Road
Hamel, MN 55340


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